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Whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever has lead you here, it’s nice to meet you.

Maybe you are only stopping by for a short visit? Or maybe you are going to stick around for a while? Whatever it may be, I hope you find what you search for, be it a direction, inspiration or yourself.





Take your life in your own hands!

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Special Coaching


Assertiveness Coaching

Let’s design a life well lived
by being assertive.
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Oracle Coaching

Let the Oracle Cards be your mirror
and discover the hidden.
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Energy Coaching

Let the universal Energy
show you the way.
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Daniela Delmonego, known also under her artist’s name Thinuil Wright, is a Coach, Reiki-Teacher and japanese/korean culture Enthusiast. She helps you being true to yourself, to overcome whaterver life throws at you and to create a live well lived. She will be your personal cheerleader that believes in you in order to realize your dreams all the while keeping you grounded and real.
She believes in a world were we communicate with each other with respect and understanding.

You can connect with her on Facebook or follow her on Instagram or Tumblr.