Finding your path


You know, there are so many possibilities and ways to discover yourself and find your own path like there are beings on earth, and, perhaps even as many as there are stars in the universe. Every single being, may it be human, animal or plant  has its own unique path, its own special potential. So why trying hard to be someone else? Why trying to hide the real you? Believe in yourself. You are great. You only need to find your own path. Your own destiny. You’ll see, the farther you go on your own path the more every single piece of your puzzle will fit.

All the answers you ever searched for are in yourself.  The truth, you find it in yourself. You ‘only’ need the right questions and the will and curiosity to discover yourself. Nobody is saying that it will be easy. But no one else can show you your world, your direction, because noone is like you. Thus no one else can walk your path and fight your fights. No one else knows your true dreams,  your hearts true desire. No one but you! Simply YOU! And once you dicover yourself more and more, once you are one step closer to who you truly are, you will be able to set yourself free from everything that enchains you. Never ever give up. If you fall, stand up. You can decide in every moment, every second how to react and who you want to be. You do always the same mistake? Find out why. Is there a pattern behind? Find the pattern and then break out from it. This is your life! Create it! Live it!


❝You are more than the choices that you’ve made,
You are more then the sum of you past mistakes,
You are more then the problems you create.❞

You are worth it! And even when you think you aren’t ready to change – listen – nobody ever feels totally ready and in fact life itself constantly changes even when you decide not to. That’s the law of the universe. Nothing really remains the same. So,


Take a step today, so you will be one step closer tomorrow.

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