The power to conjure (or Simple Incantations)

Did you ever discover the power of conjuring in yourself? All of us have this skill, some stronger, some weaker, some are conscious about it, some not. Those who use it instinctively are the lucky devils under us and I’m sure you know at least one person around you, where you think “Damn, s/he is always such a lucky b*stard/b*tch!” But how do they do it? Has it really to do with pure luck?

Firstly most of the time are those lucky devils real optimistics. Now maybe some of you have read the book The Secret, picked up the Law of Attraction somewhere on the Internet, or, maybe some of you have already some experiences with incantations or at least with prayers, but for those of you who are new to this thought of conjuring, or, let’s call it wishing, there is basically one idea behind it all:

By aligning your thoughts and your being to the wanted, the wished will come true, since same energy attracts same.

It seems simple right? And it actually can be. So let’s first see what it means to wish for something and what happens when you do, then let’s see how you can activate the process behind a wish intentionally to make the wished become true, and at last we will look at the possibilities at why it could not work.

(More follows…)

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