Ghost Visits

Since the parents of my two little cousins had plans for the night, the two boys slept over at our house. I woke up in the middle of the night, because the youngest was crying. I had a really odd feeling, like something was wrong. Like something strange was going on. The apartment felt full. It was kind of bizarre.

In the situation I checked first if my Mom was already by my cousins side to calm him down, when I saw she was there I went back to my room. On my way back then I saw them suddenly. Hundreds of ghost wirrling through the air. I was not believing it. What were they doing here? They were really agressive. It seemed that they wanted something from my little cousin. Then I understood why he was crying. I thought maybe he could feel or see them too and they had scared him.

I was angry. I told them they had no right to frighten a little kid like this and that they should feel ashamed, whatever reasons they may have. While visualizing the Pentagramm I told them to go back from where they came from or to follow Archangel Michael that would kindly show them the way to the light. A moment after I had spoken with them they disappeared. The same time they disapeared my cousin  finally stopped crying.

The day after I told my Mom what had happened (she had not seen me in the night when I had checked if she was with my cousin) and she was looking at me with affirmative eyes telling me that she had felt that there had been many presences, but that she didn’t believe it since she had never experienced so many and especially not so agressive ones. She told me that he had a nightmare in which he was in a forest collecting horse chestnuts and suddenly a dead hanged man had appeard in front of him. It was definitely one of the ghosts. I’m sure. So I told my mom that we should make him a protective dreamcatcher. A dreamcatcher that not only will catch normal bad nightmares, but also work through a protection spell as a shield.


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