Being a witch

I am a witch. It is my nature. Doing magick is natural to me. Still calling myself a witch has needed some time. In the past 10 years in which I practiced I have not even once thought about calling myself a witch.

I clearly remember the first time when I picked up a book about witches how intrigued I was by it. Since then magick has never left my side. In this 10 years I got to know so many various ways of doing magick. From channeling with the angels to casting spells and practicing rituals with the goddess and/or the elements. From wicca to the occult to the kabbalistic system and finally to the -for me original- secular witchcraft. Every single one of them has given me a precious memory and experience. It is really interesting to get to know all the different meanings they give each other and how every one of them defines magick in a slightly different way.

I am aware that by claiming to be a witch many will misunderstand. The word witch for me means deep wisdom and responsibility for your own life, something to which i need to live up to. Never would I use it to draw attention or create a fuss.

What I like about witchcraft the most is that you yourself can create your own special kind of witchcraft. There are some that connect it to a tradition like the celtic, hellenic, avalon, druidic, shaman one, to name some, and others that don’t. Some perform witchcraft as an religious act to worship their god or goddess others again don’t. Witchcraft gives you all the freedom you want to be yourself and to create yourself. At the end what all of them have in common is the desire to do magick in order to favor change, be it of a situation or of ones own personality. Witchcraft tells me that I am the creator of my own world. Witchcraft is self-empowering.

So I am a witch. And if I would need to define it better I would say I am a solitary witch. I cast magick mostly simply and naturally. I like doing rituals too, but I have the impression it is more powerful when I do something naturally, spontaneously following the flow of the universe, which actually at the end result in little rituals after all.

I believe that everything is energy thus our thoughts are too and connected with intent they are quite powerful. But there are also other energies from other dimensions. Those energies may be called angels, faeries, goblins, mermaids, ghosts… and learning how to befriend them could prove to be helpful.

As for me I work mostly with the faeries. While I do work with angels too, when i work with the faeries i feel familiarity, it feels like home.

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