A visit

It’s been a while since my mother and me got a visit.

In the morning after breakfast I felt extremely dizzy, so I thought of every reason possible like “Am I still hungry?”, “Have I eaten something wrong?”, “Abnormal blood pressure?”, “Closed ears?”. While I was figuring out from where the dizziness may come from and while to every reason the answet was a no, I saw my mom not being well too. So I asked her what was up and she told me she was being dizzy. I started laughing joking that something must be in the air. That moment she was like: “Who is there?” and an image appeard in my head. That image was the green Angel book my mom owns. While she was figuring out who it was who was visiting us (she believed it was someone who had died recently), I opened the book randomly on a page whilst calling on the Angels. The title of the page I had openend was “Deceased loved ones” and I got extrem goosebumps. That moment my mom called out the name of the son of a friend of hers. And it was him. He was worried for his parents. In order to help him I lit a blessed white candellight and did a little Ritual for his parents that would give them Strenght and Faith. He had calmed down and we felt like he was at peace now. We finished with a little prayer for him and then his story flashed by in my head, I saw the reason why this had happened, his past life, his decision. I looked at my mom and she looked back at me and we cried. Without words she knew too. This is his story:

He had fought. He had fought so badly. The cancer that made his body heavy and painful. He had fought for the sake of his parents. He didn’t wanted to see his parents suffer, because he was in pain. They loved him so much. They still do. But he, he had already decided. He had decided deep down in his soul to die. He had made that decision long ago, before he was born.

Long ago, in that past life he was a boy. A boy with parents that didn’t care at all about their child. Parents that couldn’t love. So this time when he went back to the earth he wanted to feel, to know how it is to be loved by parents who would give everything for their child.  He could have never imagined that parents could suffer so much and that a parents love could be this great.

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