About me

Daniela Delmonego also known under her artist’s name Thinuil Wright, is a Coach, Reiki-Teacher and Japanese/Korean Culture Enthusiast. She helps you being true to yourself, to overcome whaterver life throws at you and to create a live well lived. She will be your personal cheerleader that believes in you in order to realize your dreams all the while keeping you grounded and real.

She believes in a world were we communicate with each other with respect and understanding.

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People. Being able to see their inner light, their talents, their weaknesses, their dreams and struggles pushes me to root for them. Personal development has always been the most important part of my life and sharing the blessings of change and personal growth with others is one of the most wonderful things.
Those who don’t give up their dreams even when they need to reassess them to reality, those who have struggled in their lives and survived it, those who are authentic and know themselves.
Spirituality for me is connecting with something much greater than us. You may call it Universe, God, the great mother, but whatever name you give it, it is something far higher that our brain isn’t fully able to grab.
What I like about it is the Japanese fashion called Lolita that is inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian era, the Japanese and Korean food (really delicious), the tea ceremony, the traditional clothing (Kimono 着物 & Hanbok 한복), the taka (Japanese drum), the music (from traditional to modern), the language and their traditional believing (Shinto 神道 & Mugyo-무교 ). I just feel a connection to those two countries that I don’t feel with other countries.