Energy Coaching

Coaching combined with energetic symbols supports you to find your answers and your own path. Change is not easy, so why not get support from the symbols and their energy to favor change.
Symbols have an old history and you can find them in every culture. We are surrounded by symbols, in our everyday life and in our dreams. They have the power to trigger anger or happiness, to ignite a war or peace.

There are 3 systems and as everyone is different we will find out together which one is the right one for you:

Reiki means universal Life energy and is a form of spiritual practice founded by Usui Mikao, a Japanese Buddhist. It activates the natural healing process of a living being and can reduce stress and anxiety by harmonizing the Chakras.

The Larimar System is a Cosmic Symbol System, which support us on the mental, spiritual and psychological Level. Its oscillation frequencies are drawn mostly from the 6. dimension of Sirius B and they help us in our ongoing transformation processes on this planet.

The study of the runes and their meaning is a study of personal development, spiritual growth and the spread of consciousness throughout human societies and into the universe. The Elder Futhark Runes are a complete system of magic, and the oldest form of western wisdom.” From Rune Secrets.

I perceive the runes as an earthly energy and as a connection to this sacred earth, our mother planet. While the Larimar feels more light the runes feel more grounded and substantial.

The work can include:
• Becoming more conscious about your feelings and intuition
• Harmonizing feelings
• Balance out energy
• Chakra cleaning
• Relaxing
• Becoming more conscious about your feelings
• Understanding yourself better
• Learning how to cope with everyday difficulties (practice solution-oriented thinking)
• Envision the life you dream of
• And more…

Contact me for a free 15 min. introduction appointment to see if we harmonize or if you have questions or book me now. I am looking forward to hear from you 🙂

Note: None of these energetic systems substitute the diagnosis and therapy of a conventional doctor.

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