Oracle Coaching

Coaching and oracle or tarot cards put together create a powerful instrument. Oracle Cards help us to discover hidden aspects of our life, be it to improve them or to become conscious of who we truly are. The oracle cards are like a mirror that reflects our self and our situation. They show what we may not see. And while you may be also able to read the future in them, I belief that there is no reason to want to know the future, when you aren’t even able to grasp the now, or, when you didn’t even resolved and freed yourself from the past.

The past is resolved in the now.
The future is created in the now.
Thus, at the end, there exists only the NOW.

All this is reflected in the Oracle Spreads I do. They reflect, not foresee.

The work with oracle cards can include:
• An oracle reading
• Reflection on the reading
• Becoming more conscious about your feelings
• Understanding yourself better
• Discovering hidden aspects of your life
• Discovering your talents and weaknesses
• Envision the life you dream of
• And more…

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