Photography by Sonja Schroffenegger
Corset: Leathererotics (
Hat + Dress: Fanplusfriend

...two friends, some crazyness, together, with a Make-Up splash and a digital camera reunited. That's what came out...
Photography by Sonja Schroffenegger

"Seems taken out from a mediocre Horror Movie"
This night. This one special night that happenes only once a year. She had waited for it longingly. When she walked out from her hideout into the dark streets she was excited. She could hear how her dead heart was beating fast, how all her senses were heighted ready to grasp the slightest move. This night people were not afraid of her. This night she could be completely herself.
The night of Halloween

Photography by Sonja Schroffenegger
Lolita Photoshooting @ Talferwiese

Photography by Petra Hedwig Amalia ♡

The lights that shimmer on the Christmas tree, the warming candle you can see, the sphere reflecting delightful dreams, you could grab them it seems, Before Christmas it gleams.




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